Young Buck Shares Via Instagram Chris Brown Throwback From High School

Young Buck Shares Major Chris Brown Throwback From High School: “C Sizzle”

Chris Brown is still pretty young but he’s been in the business for over a decade, dropping off a consistent string of hits and becoming one of the brightest stars in music.

His past brings lots of controversy but before all of that even started, he was just a kid trying to live out his dreams. Young Buck decided to go way, way back for Throwback Thursday, sharing a photo of himself and a high school-aged Breezy when the Virginia singer was just starting out.

Chris Brown was a sophomore in high school and he wasn’t known worldwide by his government name. In fact, he was trying to make it as “C Sizzle.” The caption reads, “He took a trip to New York to record his debut album, ‘One Love, One Life’ over summer break. Chris is pictured here with Young Buck.”

It’s unclear if the photo was taken from a yearbook of sorts or if Young Buck just keeps old photo books of him and artists that haven’t made it big yet.

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