A quick guide to the sort of people we’re always looking for:

Film, Music, Art, Culture and Style writers (reviews/features/news).

Update: We’re still looking for monthly, genre-specific columnists. Wanna write a regular column on the latest sounds in hip-hop? Fancy doing a monthly roundup of pop bangers? We don’t care about the genre, all we care about is that you can cover it with passion and expertise.

Fancy pitching an idea/article/essay?

We love receiving article pitches, we really do. If it’s just an idea, please send a couple of paragraphs explaining what you aim to achieve. If it’s already written, please include it in the body of your email, or as a Google Doc (make sure we have permission to view it). It doesn’t need to be music related. It just needs to be interesting.

Still interested?

Send an email to 70MACKHQ, with links to your work/portfolio, and a descriptive subject line.