Riff Raff – Tangerine Tiger (Album)


Riff Raff lets go of his project Tangerine Tiger (Album)

Here comes a new project from Riff Raff he titles his much anticipated body of work Tangerine Tiger

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Laced with 10 tracks and with features from Big Tuck, Z-Ro, Lil Tracy, Ricki Rich, CHXPO, Trapboy Freddy, Yowda & Snap Dogg.


1. Teal Tone Lobster
2. De Chicas (feat. Big Tuck & Z-Ro)
3. Dukes of Hazzzard
4. Foreign Land (feat. Lil Tracy)
5. Lay by the Stars & Sleep by the Ocean
6. Prada Plasterd (feat. Ricki Rich)
7. Granny Sellin Dope (feat. Snap Dogg)
8. As If Life Didn’t Tear Us Apart
9. Ultraviolet Pirate
10. Ice Behind My Lip (feat. CHXPO, Trapboy Freddy & Yowda)

DOWNLOAD ZIP: Riff Raff – Tangerine Tiger (Album)

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