Microsoft Seeks To Buy GitHub, Valued At $5 Billion


According Business Insider, the tech giant Microsoft would be interested in buying GitHub,

A web-based hosting service for version control using git and it is mostly used for computer code. The interest that the tech giant Microsoft has for GitHub is not new since throughout these years there have been many rumours about conversations about a purchase agreement.

Negotiations talks by the tech giant Microsoft to acquire GitHub started in 2016, but never advanced enough, until now. Although there are no confirmations from either party, the sources of Business Insider, assure that GitHub would be willing to carry out an agreement, if certain conditions are respected.

As for the amount of the sale, it seems that they have not yet reached an agreement, but the last assessment received by GitHub was 200 million dollars in 2015.

However, CNBC mentions that the acquisition would be for a price of 500 million dollars or more, according to the expectations of GitHub. At the moment, all these data are only speculations, and until some of the parties confirm at least the intention of the transaction, it will remain only in rumours.

So, it remains to see if the tech giant Microsoft manages to make a really tempting offer and if GitHub considers that this is the future they want to give the platform.