Another Annoying Bug Tackles WhatsApp Users


Whatsapp Solution starts from its settings, check below!

The latest versions of WhatsApp have shown some exciting news to users, but have also been sources of recurring issues that draw some confidence from users.

Version 2.18.60 of WhatsApp for iOS brings a new problem, this time associated with notifications, which no longer show the name of the senders of the messages.

The reason for this problem is not yet known, but the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS has had strange and unhelpful behaviour for users.This requires you to open the message to know this information.

Apparently, this is not a widespread problem and is affecting only a few users. However, complaints pile up and are popping up in multiple places, like Twitter and even Apple’s own forums.

The solution to this WhatsApp problem

As it is normal in these cases, several users suggest a simple way to reset this behaviour that has now been lost. It is a temporary solution and it seems to work.

First, access WhatsApp from Settings and then Notifications. You must enable the Preview messages option. After that, and in iPhone Settings, you should go to Notifications, WhatsApp, and then to preview messages by enabling the Never option.

WhatsApp has since released an update in the App Store, but many still say it does not solve the problem. If you encounter this problem, follow the instructions and it should disappear.