Xiaomi’s new Mi 8 Complete Replical Of Apple’s iPhone X


Xiaomi’s new Mi 8 closely mimics Apple’s iPhone X

Xiaomi has replicated the look of the rear of the iPhone X as well as the front – also adding in very similar-looking wallpaper.

It’s no surprise: Xiaomi has a long history of copying everything Apple, from product designs, similar-sounding names, an iOS-like skin on Android, marketing materials and even keynote presentations.

The company has in the past dismissed all accusations of copying Apple, claiming back in 2014 that it was all just coincidence.

The Leagoo S9 will initially be on sale only in Xiaomi’s home market of China, where the company will be hoping that the combination of iPhone X design and decent Android specs will make it an appealing prospect for consumers who can’t afford the real thing.

he Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE will hit China from June 5 and 8 respectively, while the Mi 8 Explorer Edition is set to launch later, though no dates were provided.

The Mi 8 will have a starting price of 2,699 yuan — about $420, £315 or AU$555. The Mi 8 SE will start at 1,799 yuan (approximately $280, £210 or AU$370). The Explorer Edition will cost the most at 3,699 yuan (about $575, £435 or AU$760).

Apart from the three new phones, Xiaomi also announced its largest TV, a 75-inch 4K capable Mi TV 4; a new Mi-Band 3 fitness tracker that claims a 20-day battery life; and the Mi VR Standalone, a portable VR headset co-developed by Oculus with the intention of being China’s version of the Oculus Go ($199.00 at Amazon.com).