Fear of Investing Is Over With Right Aim


Conquer Your Fear of Investing

You don’t have to have a finance degree or even really understand the stock market in order to invest and make money. You also don’t need to hire someone to invest your money for you. This is the 21st Century, we have the technology to do it ourselves. It’s time you get over the fear of investing.

Invest in market index funds that represents a broad swath of the market, like the S&P 500, which is a group of 500 companies which cover many aspects of the overall market. Betterment is a great tool for this kind of investing.

Have a certain amount of money automatically invested ever month. The money goes in without you having to do anything. Set it and forget it. The market will give you an average return of about 7%.

Be greedy when others are fearful. When everyone else is panicking and selling low, that’s when you buy. When everyone is going crazy buying high, be fearful in the face of their greed. Works for Warren Buffett.

It’s not handing over money to the market that causes mass losses. It’s handing money over to a person. Bernie Madoff is the most recent and most grotesque example of this. It wasn’t the market that was doing shady stuff with that money, it was Madoff.