Kendrick Lamar & Jamie Foxx Hits The Coachella With Surprise Performance


Kendrick Lamar And Jamie Foxx Surprise Fans At Coachella

Kendrick Lamar, Jamie Foxx and Carly Rae Jepsen were among the stars surprising fans with secret appearances at the Coachella festival on Friday. Lamar, who headlined the California music festival last year, stunned the crowd when he emerged during SZA’s set, and later during Vince Staples’ gig, on Friday.

According to fans, he joined her for her song Doves in the Wind before ending her set with his Black Panther soundtrack tune All the Stars.

Oscar-winning actor Foxx joined Kygo for his set earlier on Friday, performing during the DJ’s remix of Marvin Gaye’s classic track Sexual Healing and bringing out his daughter Corinne.

The teenager hit the stage wearing a mesh dress over her underwear and a black hat and backpack, prompting her dad to joke, “Put some clothes on. Cover this.”